Denver Magician

corporate magician keir royaleKeir Royale’s magic shows will not only entertain you but they will blow your mind! If you have a large group of people you are hosting look no further than Keir’s Denver magic show. He has productions designed for those type of large audiences. If your looking for more of an intimate setting with a smaller audience his close-up magic which is just inches away from your attendees, will also provide the type of magic show you’re looking for.

For those larger groups at the big corporate events, he will keep your people on the edge of their seats and laughing as he performs incredible illusions. Keir can also incorporate motivational messages into his magician shows so your people will not only have a night of great entertainment, but also leave with inspiration to return to work with fresh, new motivation.

For those needed smaller settings, he can “wow” your people with playing card and coin sleight of hand illusions¬† that are just inches away from your people. He will keep them laughing and wondering the entire time! This style of party entertainment is wonderful for your small group at a private event or when you want the entertainment to add to the excitement of the evening as your guests mingle during cocktail hour. Close-up magic is also a perfect fit for a corporate events or trade-shows. Utilizing a company’s logo and corporate message is Keir’s specialty and will allow your event to stand above everyone else’s!

Kier Royale, Denver Magician, Offers The Following Types of Magic Shows: