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Keir Royale, a Denver magician, is an accomplished motivational speaker who uses humor and magic to demonstrate to corporate audiences that “life is magical.” Whether you want to inspire your sales organization to reach higher goals, help a new team to bond, or simply kick off your annual corporate event with a fun and inspirational keynote speaker, Keir will make your audience laugh and feel inspired. His fun, dynamic speaking style will inspire your group to achieve new excellence as individuals or as a team. They’ll leave feeling positive, energized and ready to tackle the challenges of daily work with new motivation.

Motivational Speaking Programs

“Life Is Magical” – In this motivational presentation, Keir shows his audience how life truly is “magical” if you look for the magic in what so many of us take for granted every day. Your team will

“Making Money By Magic” – Keir demonstrates how his own success as a magician and speaker can be transferred to those in the corporate workplace by placing emphasis on taking care of the customer, networking, producing a quality product and doing the right thing.

“Rubber Chicken Soup” – Humorous and inspirational messages for the soul. Keir goes beyond story telling to highlight how we can all learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others who have consciously decided to go that extra mile for someone.

“The Magic Solution” Using his talents as a magician, Keir performs a show that carries a message behind every trick to encourage employees to look in unique directions to find answers to everyday problems.

corporate event magician hypnotist Keir Royale

You brought “magic” to our camp, what a wonderful presentation.
Charlene Quinn Frank – Colorado Wheelchair Sportscamp

We loved it, what a fantastic show!!
Jeannie Hull – Triad Medical Group


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Whether you’re looking for a motivational speaker, keynote speaker, inspirational speaker or guest speaker for any type of corporate event, Keir can tailor his message to your audience. Call or text today to plan your event!